1. “But nature is always more subtle, more intricate, more elegant than what we are able to imagine.” - Carl Sagan (The Demon-Haunted World: Science as a Candle in the Dark)

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  2. Ayn Rand Is For Misunderstood Teenagers

    1. Reporter: Have you ever read Ayn Rand?
    2. Barack Obama: Sure!
    3. Reporter: What do you think Paul Ryan's obsession with her work would mean if he were vice president?
    4. Barack Obama: Well, you'd have to ask Paul Ryan what that means to him. Ayn Rand is one of those things that a lot of us, when we were 17 or 18 and feeling misunderstood, we'd pick up. Then, as we get older, we realize that a world in which we're only thinking about ourselves and not thinking about anybody else, in which we're considering the entire project of developing ourselves as more important than our relationships to other people and making sure that everybody else has opportunity – that that's a pretty narrow vision. It's not one that, I think, describes what's best in America. Unfortunately, it does seem as if sometimes that vision of a "you're on your own" society has consumed a big chunk of the Republican Party.

  3. Top 20 People I Want In My Binder (20-15)

    1. Matt Damon

      Okay, everyone, you may know Matt Damon for his role in such action films as “The Bourne Trilogy” or maybe his dad roles such as “We Bought A Zoo!”, but what you don’t usually see is his political side. And let me tell you… me likey…

    19. Sam Stein

    Not only is Sam Stein one of my favorite reporters, but he also works for my favorite news organization (The Huffington Post) as a White House correspondent. This wouldn’t be so impressive all by itself*, but he also has muscles and a nice hairline. And sometimes tweets binder jokes :)

    One more thing; this is him with a puppy:

    *I’m lying, it would.

    18. Keith Olbermann

    I’ve been a fan of Keith Olbermann since I was eight. Why? Because my father watched his show on MSNBC nightly, and I began having nightmares about his giant forehead. But that’s not the point. As a part-time journalist, Keith is everything I aspire to be as a journalist. Minus the big forehead (but including the three Best Sportscaster awards). Plus I like him because he mocked Joe Scarborough, who picked on my number nineteen pick, Sam Stein.

    17. Lawrence O’Donnell

    Whether you’re a righty or lefty, all of you ladies can admit that it was pretty amazing when O’Donnell told Tagg Romney to “bring it” on Live TV. Before that, I’d never watched Lawrence’s show, but now I watch his show nightly and follow him on Twitter. Sure, he doesn’t have the looks or the brawn, but when it comes down to streetfighting or b*tch-slapping, I want Lawrence O’Donnell on my side.

    16. Stephanie Miller

    Since Al Gore’s network, Current, began broadcasting “Talking Liberally”, I’ve watched Stephanie’s show every morning. As you can tell from this list, I am totally and completely straight, but when it comes to Stephanie, a little part of me questions myself.

    Now, as for her side kicks, Jim Ward and Chris Lavoie, I couldn’t really care less. Especially after last week, when Jim mocked a lady who was paying $20 more just to get Current on her TV. But I like Chris because he retweeted my wildflower booklet on scribd (now only $2.00 a pop!) And I also know, Talking Liberally wouldn’t be the same without the Dana Loesch, Reince Priebus orgie voices.

    And also, SCREW YOU NEWSBUSTERS. (Just thought I’d take this opportunity to say that.)

    15. Tom Hanks

    Three things: he’s Forrest Gump, he’s endorsing Barack Obama, and he’s Colin Hank’s dad. And not only is Colin Hanks a great actor, but he is also hot (okay, in a goofy way, but still!)

    But anyway, I can’t write about Tom Hanks without including this video:

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    Mystical Weapons last night at the Box. Photo Miguel Gonzalez.

  5. thepenguinpress:

    What would you ask a CIA spy?

    Today at 1:30pm EST legendary CIA spy Henry A. Crumpton will answer your questions about life in the Clandestine Service. Just head on over to our Ask Page to get started.

    About Henry Crumpton and his book The Art of Intelligence: Lessons from a  Life in the CIA’s Clandestine Service:

    For a crucial period, Henry Crumpton led the CIA’s global covert operations against America’s terrorist enemies, including al Qaeda. In the days after 9/11, the CIA tasked Crumpton to organize and lead the Afghanistan campaign. With Crumpton’s strategic initiative and bold leadership, from the battlefield to the Oval Office, U.S. and Afghan allies routed al Qaeda and the Taliban in less than ninety days after the Twin Towers fell. At the height of combat against the Taliban in late 2001, there were fewer than five hundred Americans on the ground in Afghanistan, a dynamic blend of CIA and Special Forces. The campaign changed the way America wages war. This book will change the way America views the CIA.

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    A problem? Or a solution?

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  9. Jack Kerouac’s journal.

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  10. Rise of the Double Dead: Original Screenplay by Samantha R. Selman

    FADE IN: Scene One

    Night – Teenage boy and girl – Living Room

    It is a clear night with many stars in the deep blue-black sky. As we come closer to the small white house, we see light coming through the windows and casting bright rays of light across the green front lawn. We then cut to the inside of the house – the living room – where two teenagers, SCOTT and BARBARA, are horsing around. SCOTT, standing about six feet tall – about four inches taller than BARBARA – is trying to scare the girl with his direct quotes from George A. Romero’s “Night of the Living Dead”.

    Scott: They’re coming to get you, Barbara.

    Barbara: Scott, come on. Stop it. [She is backing up and bumps into the coffee table while trying to get away from SCOTT.]

    Scott: They don’t like being awakened this way.

    Barbara: You’re such a creep. [He reaches towards her and she pushes him away. Her voice becomes much more serious.] If you do that to me one more time, I’m going to scream so loud.

    Scott: Really? Well, scream! Bring them here and let them devour our souls!

    Barbara: I don’t like you quoting that stupid zombie movie.

    Scott: Do you have something against zombies?

    Barbara: No, I just don’t feel well and I don’t appreciate you trying to give me a headache.

    Scott: Oh. [Turns around and puts his hands in his pockets.]

    Barbara: Oh? What’s “oh”?

    Scott: It’s that time of the month again, isn’t it?

    Barbara: Are you kidding me? No it’s not. Is it yours?

    Scott: Well, you said you didn’t feel well, so I just assumed…

    Barbara: I have a stomachache, idiot.

    Scott: [mockingly] Oh, no, Barbara! That means you’re going to turn into one of… them.

    Barbara: Whatever. I’m going to go get some aspirin. [She walks to the doorway before swinging around.] And don’t wait up. If I’m going to turn into a zombie, I’m at least going to find someone with a brain.

    We then cut to the kitchen; It is still nighttime. The kitchen is clean and everything seems to be in perfect order. In fact, the entire house is clean and well taken care of. The furniture matches and there is not so much as one plate on the counter tops. BARBARA searches the cabinets for a bottle of aspirin. When she finds it, she pulls it out of the cabinet, sets it on the counter top, goes to another cabinet and pulls out a water glass. When she turns on the faucet, clear, clean water pours out. It is not long, however, before the clean water turns thick and red, causing BARBARA to have a disgusted look on her face. She turns off the faucet, sets the glass on the counter and backs away from it. The girl is then compelled forward by the force of vomit coming up through her stomach. Despite her attempts to fight the vomit (putting her hand over her mouth and closing her eyes), she is forced to run over to the trash can and spews forth a thick, black substance. She heaves; more of the black substance comes out. When she stands up, the first thing she does is wipe her mouth.

    As she turns around she sees the water glass on the counter, which is now clear. She walks over and washes her mouth out with it. She spits in the sink; we see a tooth setting in the drain stopper. She picks it up and examines it before inspecting her mouth for the new hole. She has lost one of her front teeth, and the others are completely loose. She runs into the bathroom, with horror pulsing through her veins, perhaps more because of the fear of losing her teeth than the fear of what is actually happening. The girl turns on the light and looks into the mirror open-mouthed. Her missing tooth is not the only problem she has; her gums are swollen and bloody, her skin is pale and her eyes are bloodshot. She says nothing, but instead looks in the mirror, her body shaking, and looks in terror at what she has become.

    Meanwhile, SCOTT is in the living room watching “The Sixth Sense” and shoving popcorn into his mouth.

    Scott: [In tune with the child actor on screen.] I see dead people. [We see BARBARA in the background. She moans, coercing SCOTT to turn around.] Barb? [BARBARA is moaning and walking strangely – more like a toddler – towards SCOTT. He is backing away.] Barb, I don’t know what’s wrong with you, but just stop it. I was just teasing you when I was saying all that stuff. I didn’t mean it, I swear. [As she gets closer, he jumps up on the couch. She takes a whack at him, but he moves and she misses.] Stop playing around, Barbara! [He hops off the couch and approaches the fireplace. He sees the fire-pokers, picks one up and begins swinging at BARBARA. She growls and reveals her black-tinted teeth and gums. She keeps coming at him, she grabs him and he shoves the poker into her stomach. She looks at him with surprise. He lets go of the fire poker and she stumbles backwards.] Oh, God, Barbara, what’s happened to you? [BARBARA takes hold of the obstruction in her abdomen and pulls it out. She drops it to the side.] What kind of monster are you?

    BARBARA lunges towards him and knocks him over. He fights her, but fails. She bites his ear off before biting his neck. We cut to a view of the outside of the house. We see the living room window and a silhouette of BARBARA on SCOTT’S back. The window is splattered with blood before the two silhouettes drop out of sight.

    Cut to: Scene Two

    Night – JAY and LINDY – Restaurant

    LINDY, a fat, middle-aged woman, is sitting with her older husband, JAY, in a restaurant filled with people. In the background we can hear the “clinking” of silverware along with a soft type of Jazz music humming in the background. The woman has her head perched on her hand and does not even bother drinking her wine which has been sitting in front of her. She looks depressed and worried.

    Jay: Is anything wrong?

    Lindy: [Melancholy tone of voice] I’m worried about Scott. That girl he invited over tonight… I just don’t trust her.

    Jay: Now, darling, I know it’s difficult to let our little boy go, but he has to have room to soar. He’s in high school now. You know how boys are when they get that age. He wants to get out there, date pretty girls, have fun with his friends. It’s what every boy needs and wants and we can’t deprive him of that just because we’re worried.

    Lindy: I know, but I just don’t want him to get hurt by her or anyone else.

    Jay: Honey, [grabs her hand] don’t worry. We have to let him go.

    Lindy: [Gives a toothy smile.] Okay.

    Jay: You look beautiful tonight.

    Lindy: Well thank you. Here’s to us. [They clink their wine glasses. There is coughing in the background. The waiter comes up and serves them their steaks.]

    Waiter: Anything else? [cough] Excuse me! Would you like anything else?

    Lindy: No, thank you. [The waiter walks away]

    Jay: [In a shocked tone of voice, almost as if he has seen a monster.] Oh my God!

    Lindy: What is it?

    Jay: Well, my steak is almost raw! Look at that! [Lifts his steak up with his fork and shows his wife how the blood runs out of it.] It’s bloody.

    Lindy: Should I call him back?

    Jay: No, no. Forget about it. [Camera switches to the couple at the next table. The man is looking at Jay’s steak with an intense look of yearning.] I pay almost sixty dollars for a meal in a big fancy restaurant and these idiots don’t even know how to cook a steak.

    Camera goes to couple at the next table.

    Woman: Honey? Honey, are you okay?

    Man: Hmm? Oh, yeah. It’s nothing.

    Woman: Honey, you’re bleeding. [The MAN feels under his nose and observes the blood left on his fingertips. He puts a napkin to his nose and excuses himself.]

    We come back to JAY and LINDY.

    Lindy: Well, you ordered a rare steak.

    Jay: Exactly. I ordered a rare steak. Not a raw steak. [There is a scream somewhere in the restaurant.]

    Lindy: What was that?

    The camera pans around the room. We can see that everybody is looking directly at JAY and LINDY.

    Jay: Why is everybody staring at us? [Another scream and the sound of dishes being dropped.]

    Lindy: Jay, why are people screaming?

    A female waitress runs out of the kitchen with the manager after her. He takes her down and begins tearing her stomach apart. The other people in the restaurant (except for JAY and LINDY) stand up and walk towards the host and the waitress. They lean down and begin feeding on her. LINDY screams in terror.

    Lindy: [yelling] Jay! They’re killing her! They’re killing her!

    Jay: Settle down! They’ll hear you!

    The camera moves back to the patrons tearing the poor girl apart. A few of them stand up and look at JAY and LINDY. They begin walking towards them. JAY and LINDY stand up and try to run out the door. LINDY runs faster than JAY and gets about ten feet from the door before one of the cannibalistic patrons tackles her. JAY is trapped. He picks up a knife from one of the tables and points it towards the “cannibals”.

    JAY: Don’t come any closer, you bastards! I’ve got a knife and I’m not afraid to use it! You don’t know who you’re messing with! Get back! Get back!

    The patrons come closer to the scared old man, slowly and with seemingly impaired movements. One comes close, moaning, and JAY stabs it in the heart. It stops for a moment, but the knife wound only seems to infuriate it. They pile onto the old man as he screams.

    [Title Screen: “The Rise of the Double Dead” followed by cast, director, writer, etc.]

    FADE IN – Scene Three

    Night – ROBERT and KATE – Robert’s car

    A few miles from town, a married couple, ROBERT and KATE DAILY, are driving down a dark country road surrounded by tall trees. ROBERT is driving. They don’t speak for a long while, but when they do, KATE seems to be almost crying and ROBERT is trying to simply hold back his anger.

    Kate: We need to talk.

    Robert: We can talk later.

    Kate: No, Robert. We need to talk now.

    Robert: About what? How you cheated on me with Mr. CEO?

    Kate: You mean Richardson.

    Robert: Yeah. Whatever his name was. Would you like to explain that, darling?

    Kate: It was an accident.

    Robert: An accident? [sarcastically] What, I suppose you tripped over the carpet and landed In his bed. Why, I hope you didn’t injure yourself in the fall.

    Kate: I didn’t want it to happen.

    Robert: Kate, I just really don’t want to talk about it right now.

    Kate: We need to. If this is going to work, we need to. Now. [Robert stops the car abruptly.]

    Robert: Okay, Kate. Let’s talk about it. Why were you compelled to cheat on me? Have I wronged you in some way? Why? That is my only question: why did you do it? You remember the vows? Through sickness and through health, rich or poor, etcetera and so on. What happened to that? Was that all just a big act? Were you just playing with me Kate? Trying to see how easy it would be to fool me?

    Kate: No! [pause] What is that?

    Robert: Don’t change the subject Kate! Tell me why you… what the – [The camera switches to the road. There is a dark silhouette of a person coming towards the car. He appears to be limping. As it comes closer we can see it clearer. It is a man who is covered in blood.]

    Robert: My God. I think he’s hurt or something.

    KATE and ROBERT get out of the car and run towards the man. He is groaning. They walk up to him and grab him by the shoulders.

    Kate: What happened to you?

    Man: I got bit.

    Robert: What bit you?

    Man: It was my wife.

    Kate: Your wife did this to you?

    Man: They’re coming.

    Robert: Is someone after you? Are they trying to kill you?

    Man: No. They’re trying to kill everyone. It was a massacre. They killed my whole family and I had to bury all of them in the cellar. My wife, my three sons, my daughters, my mother. They’re all dead.

    Robert: What are you talking about?

    Man: They’re not human. They’re dead people. You have to shoot them in the head or they’ll kill you… We’re all infected.

    Kate: We need to get you in some clean clothes and you’ll be fine. You’re just imagining things. Come on.

    Robert: [Quietly] No! Kate, can’t you see what’s going on here? This man just murdered his entire family.

    Man: Don’t listen to him! They’re real. They’re eating people. When they bite you, you turn into one of them. You have to shoot them in the head. You have to kill them.

    Kate: Robert, what is he talking about?

    Robert: I don’t know.

    Man: Listen to me! They’re going to kill you if you don’t go now. It’s too late for me. I got bit.

    Kate: Please! If there’s someone coming after you, we can help. [The MAN looks her directly in the eye.]

    Man: It’s in our blood. We’ll never get rid of it because it’s been put in our bloodstream by the men in the sky. The only way you’ll get rid of it is to… to… [He says nothing more. He turns away from the couple.]

    Robert: Please. We can help you.

    Kate: To what? The only way to get rid of them is what? Please! We can help you.

    The man pulls a pistol out of his jacket. He puts it up to his temple…

    Man: Only God can help me now.

    …and pulls the trigger. ROBERT panics.

    Kate: [frantic] Robert, what is happening? Why did he do that?

    Robert: We need to go. We need to get in the car and go home now. [They run to their car, get in and speed off. Kate is crying. Robert is breathing heavily.]

    Kate: He said dead people killed his entire family.

    Robert: He was delusional, he was drunk and now he’s dead. That’s all there is to it.

    Kate: Robert, he wasn’t lying. I could tell. He was too frantic to be lying.

    Robert: He was a crazy old man who shot himself because he went coo-coo. We can’t believe anything he said.

    Kate: But Robert, look.

    Out the window there are people walking around with various injuries. Their eyes are bloodshot, their skin is pale and their motor skills are impaired. Walking seems almost impossible for them. In fact, their attempts to walk resemble a toddler’s.

    Robert: Just don’t look! What is this?

    Kate: Dead people.

    The car speeds off as the camera focuses on one of the people. It looks into the camera. Its jaw is broken and is merely hanging on to its face by means of a few strips of flesh and muscle but it manages to start walking in the direction of the car, along with dozens of other “cannibals”.

    FADE IN: Scene Four


    Two cops are running down the sidewalk with ten walkers after them. One cop is a woman and the other is a man. They are running quickly, but the policewoman is apparently injured and has blood spurting from her shoulder. She has one hand over the wound and the other holding a pistol and shooting at the cannibals. The policeman is also trying to shoot the beasts that are pursuing them, but he is more successful. Several of the cannibals fall to the ground. The others persist.

    Ashley: We’re not gonna make it.

    Dan: Yes we will! Come on! Keep going; we’re almost there.

    Dan is the first to run into the police department and Ashley follows. She leaves the door open for a second so she can continue to shoot the cannibals. Finally she shuts it, leans with her back against the door and begins breathing heavy.

    Ashley: I got bit.

    DAN goes to examine her arm. She takes her hand off the wound and we are shown a large, blistering, bloody bite mark.

    Dan: Oh, wow that’s…

    Ashley: I know… disgusting. It hurts, too. It’s gonna get infected. I just know it.

    Dan: No, it won’t. Here, I can fix it. We just need to get it cleaned and you’ll be fine.

    The camera swings around and we see a woman in a jail cell. This woman’s name is REAGAN.

    Reagan: Hey, would somebody mind telling me what’s going on out there?

    Dan: Mind your own business.

    DAN is wrapping up the wound. Once every so often we can hear groans of pain from Ashley.

    Reagan: My own business, eh? And tell me, what business do I have to tend to? How did she get that bite?

    Ashley: There’s dead people walking around outside. I got bit.

    Reagan: What?!? Did she just fly over the cuckoo’s nest or are there actually freaking zombies out there?

    Dan: Shut up. I’m trying to keep her calm.

    Reagan: Oh? Shut up. Okay. I’ll shut up… as soon as I find out if there’s actually bloodsucking, brain-eating dead people outside.

    Dan: Well, there are. Can you let me concentrate now, or is that a little too much to ask?

    Reagan: Oh this is not good; not good at all. Danny boy, that girl’s going to turn into a zombie before the night’s over.

    Dan: No, she’s not. Now leave her alone.

    Reagan: Are you kidding me? Haven’t you ever seen a zombie movie? She’s gonna get all pale and weird-looking, then she’s going to try and eat your brains. Not that you have any, policeman Dan, but I’ve got a feeling that you don’t wanna get eaten by your little girlfriend there. So, if I were you, I’d just go ahead and put a gun to her head and pull the trigger. [There is a scream and something slams against the door.]

    Dan: Ignore her, Ash. There’s a reason people like her end up in trailer parks and jails.

    Reagan: Yeah, ignore me! And by the way, my trailer is very spacious and modern, thank you very much. [She is annoyed and decides to sit down.]

    Ashley: It’s no use. She’s right.

    Dan: Don’t talk like that. [He sweeps all the items off the desk, rolls up a blanket for a pillow and helps Ashley to lie down on the desk.] You’re going to get better. Just get some rest. Tell me if you need anything.

    Ashley closes her eyes as Dan walks away from the table and sits down at a chair in the corner of the room. He looks down at the floor as Reagan talks.

    Reagan: You’re making a huge mistake, policeman Dan. I’m telling you, you’ve got to shoot her in the head or she’s going to kill us. But, of course, if you want to be zombiebait, be my guest.

    Dan: [Loud and filled with anger.] Do you want to do this right now?

    Reagan: [Equally loud] Yes. I wish someone in this hellhole would get a freaking brain.

    Dan: [Approaches REAGAN with a loaded gun.] You little –

    Ashley: Dan!

    Dan: [Puts his gun down and approaches ASHLEY. He calms down.] What do you need?

    Reagan: See, it’s happening already!

    Ashley: Dan, I need to tell you something. [Dan comes closer so Ashley can whisper in his ear. She leans forward.]

    Ashley: [whispering] Reagan’s right. If I’m going to turn into one of those things, I want you to shoot me before it happens. I don’t want that to happen to me.

    Dan: No. You won’t turn into one of those things. You’re stronger than that. You’re going to be okay.

    Ashley: Do you remember that dog you found ran-over on the highway?

    Dan: Ash…

    Ashley: That’s what I feel like right now. Please. I don’t want to end up like those things. I

    don’t want to eat people.

    Dan: I’m not going to shoot you. We’re partners, remember?

    Ashley: Please… Dan, if I turn into one of those things I don’t know what I’ll do. I don’t know if I can control it. I’m afraid of what I’ll become.

    Dan: Get some rest and we’ll talk about it later. [Dan returns to his seat.]

    Reagan: Oh, God, you need to do it, man. Double-tap, I’m telling ya, double-tap.

    Dan: [Loud] Nobody even knows what that means.

    Reagan: Oh my God, you really are stupid. [Points at her head.] Bam-bam. In the head. She falls to the floor – she dead. Have you ever seen Night of the Living Dead?

    Dan: Reagan, I don’t think you understand that this is not a zombie movie. Real people are dying out there. You need to get through your head that everyone you have ever known is dead. In fact they’re worse than dead. They’re…

    Reagan: Zombies. Just like she’s going to be in about an hour or two. [DAN appears

    extremely agitated.] I may be trailer trash to you, but at least I’m street smart. You have a big gun and a small brain. Fatal mixture there, policeman Dan. Fatal mixture.

    DAN gets up and grabs the duct tape from the desk. He unlocks the jail cell.

    Reagan: [Nervous laugh] Whatcha doing there, buddy?

    Dan: Making you shut your mouth. [DAN grabs REAGAN by her hair and directs her to the chair. After forcing her to sit down, he weaves the handcuffs through the slots in the back of the chair and cuffs her hands together.] And by the way, [He then pulls off a long strip of duct tape.] I’m not your buddy.

    Reagan: You pathetic piece of – [DAN puts the duct tape over her mouth. She tries to continue talking but can’t. He then tapes her legs together.]

    FADE IN: Scene Five

    Night – DAN, ASHLEY and REAGAN – Jail

    REAGAN is still tied up and trying to talk. She is also moving frantically in the chair trying to free

    herself. We can tell by her movements that she has serious apathy for DAN, who is sitting behind the

    desk cleaning his guns. ASHLEY is still on the table, shivering.

    Dan: You don’t ever shut up do you? I bet your boyfriend was glad to get rid of you.

    [REAGAN rolls her eyes. DAN leans forward in his chair.] Oh, you don’t like that, do you? It makes you feel less powerful, doesn’t it? I just want you to understand, I’m the boss around here, not you. I make a bigger salary than you, I have a better job than you, and I’m more well-liked than you. Tell me, did you ever once consider that you’re just a weak, worthless piece of garbage trying to convince people you’re somebody? I’ve seen all kinds of people like you. You don’t scare me. You just irritate me. [He walks in front of her. ] If it were up to me, I would have all the remaining trailer trash thrown to those things like dead goats to lions. Especially the trailer trash that acts like they’re better than anyone else. Trailer trash like you. I think I would enjoy that, seeing them run around and scream like little girls. [Laugh] Well? You got something to say to me, Luce-ay? [He rips the duct tape off of her mouth harshly.]

    Reagan: Yeah, I do have something to say.

    Dan: Surprise, surprise. [Sits down behind the desk.]

    Reagan: You’re an anal-retentive moron.

    Dan: [Crazy laugh.] Is that all? [pause] Okay, the duct tape’s going back on. [Walks over to REAGAN.]

    Reagan: Wait. Actually, there is one more thing. I may be trailer trash, but if all those things you say are really coming from your own heart, you are a complete imbecile.

    Dan: I’m surprised you even know what that word means.

    Reagan: [Subtle laugh] I have a very good vocabulary… for trailer trash. [Pause] Anyway, say you throw me to the zombies like a goat to the lions. What do you get from that? Does that make you feel good about yourself? Does that make you feel like a big man, Danny boy? You’re no better than me. You have no morals. You have no conscience.

    Dan: A conscience? You’re telling me that you have a conscience and I don’t.

    Reagan: Ding-ding-ding! You have just won the grand prize: A year’s supply of “shut the hell up” and a bonus box of “get out of my face, you sniveling piece of crap”. And by the way, I don’t have a boyfriend and I’m not weak. I work out everyday.

    Dan: You’re worse than the cannibals. You lack the morals of a rat and yet you think I’m stupid. I’ll show you just how much of a conscience I have. [DAN lifts up his gun and puts it directly in the middle of her eyes.] Double-tap.

    DAN is about to pull the trigger when, in the background, ASHLEY sits up and growls; DAN turns around and drops his gun.

    Dan: Ashley.

    ASHLEY steps onto the tile floor. Dan is backing away slowly. Reagan is in the background holding on to the bars of the jail cell and jumping up and down, exclaiming, “Pick up the gun! Pick up the gun!” Dan backs into a corner. ASHLEY comes after him slowly.

    Reagan: You have got to be kidding me!

    REAGAN sees a handgun laying on the desk. She uses her weight to make the chair hop towards the desk.

    Reagan: Why do… I always… have to… be the one… to save… the stupid ones?

    She breaks the back of the chair and gets the handcuffs loose. She slips her hands under her legs and gets the duct tape off of her legs. By now, DAN is cowering in the corner.

    Dan: Ash, it’s me. Just try to think this through, please. You don’t know what you’re doing.

    ASHLEY scratches his face, leaving a few gashes on his left cheek. He yells. Meanwhile, REAGAN is now free. She grabs the gun and whistles. ASHLEY turns around and has a helpless look on her face.

    Reagan: Yippy Kai—ai, bloodsucker.

    We see, in slow motion, two bullets traveling from the gun, across the room. One hits ASHLEY in the heart and blows her backwards and the second goes directly into ASHLEY’S forehead and we see her flip backwards onto the floor. As time returns to normal, we see REAGAN holding the gun up and “blowing the smoke off the top”.

    Reagan: That’s right: Double-tap.

    Cut to: Scene Six

    Night – ROBERT and KATE – Country Road

    ROBERT and KATE are inside the car. KATE is crying while ROBERT is driving frantically.

    Robert: Oh God no.

    Kate: [Looks at him in despair] What?

    Robert: I’m out of gas. We’re gonna have to go over to that house and see if they’ll let us in.

    ROBERT and KATE get out of the car and begin running towards a two-story house. KATE is ahead of ROBERT by at least five feet. She runs to the door first, knocks, and when no one answers, breaks the door open. She leaves the door open just long enough for ROBERT to get inside. KATE locks the door.

    and leans up against it, gasping.

    Kate: Okay. What is going on?

    Robert: I don’t know. Something… not good.

    Kate: Not good? There are dead people all over the road. It’s like a bomb went off.

    Robert: Calm down. We need to just think this through. Where are the people who live here?

    Kate: It doesn’t matter. We’re safe, aren’t we?

    Robert: Yeah, but we’re in someone else’s house. Someone we don’t even know. Someone who might think we’re one of them and decide to blow our heads off.

    Kate: Look, it’s either come here or get eaten. Right?

    Robert: Not only are we stuck in a zombie apocalypse; we’re now vandals.

    Kate: Why is this happening?

    Robert: I don’t know. I just don’t know.

    Kate: Why did this have to happen to us now?

    Robert: We’re going to get through this. We just have to wait it out. We need to board up the windows and doors. We need to get weapons.

    Kate: Weapons? Where are we supposed to get weapons?

    Robert: Look around. This guy has all kinds of deer heads and uh… a buffalo head. He has to have a gun somewhere, right?

    Cut to:

    Night – ROBERT and KATE – Upstairs

    We see ROBERT’S shoe hit one of the floor boards. It makes a creaking sound. He pries it up; underneath there are several boxes of bullets and four rifles.

    Robert: Jackpot.

    Kate: Great.

    Robert: Do you know how to shoot one of these? [he hands her a rifle]

    Kate: Sure. You just [the gun accidentally goes off, firing a bullet into the ceiling.]

    Robert: Yeah, I don’t think you do.

    Cut to: Scene Seven

    Night – DAN AND REAGAN – Police Department

    The cannibals outside are beating at the door. There is a chair wedged underneath the doorknob to prevent their entry, but it doesn’t seem to be working. DAN is sitting in the corner next to dead ASHLEY. REAGAN is packing the guns and ammo into a blue bag labeled “POLICE”.

    Reagan: We have to get out of here.

    Dan: Why did you do it?

    Reagan: Why did I do what?

    Dan: Kill her.

    Reagan: I don’t know if you noticed, but she was about to kill you. What did you want me to do.

    Dan: She was my only friend in the world and you murdered her.

    Reagan: [She stops what she is doing] She was already dead. You were alive. I thought you wanted to keep it that way.

    Dan: [sobbing] Why couldn’t you have taken me?

    Reagan: You had a gun pointed at my head. Trust me, if there hadn’t been a zombie about to kill us both, I would’ve. But it’s different now. As much as I hate to admit it, we’re in this together. I have your back and you need to have mine. So let’s go. Our only chance of surviving is getting out of here.

    Dan: I’m not going anywhere. I’m going to stay here until they break in. I want to be with her.

    Reagan: [The zombies are still trying to bust the door open. Splinters of wood from the door are flying everywhere.] Look, I would love to have you stay here and get eaten like you apparently want to have happen, but you’re the only one with keys to the cars. So, you can have your cry-bagging time after we get out of here, but right now we gotta go.

    Dan: If you think I’m leaving here, you’re insane.

    Reagan: They are about to break down that door! Can you not see that? Are you blind or are you just incredibly stupid?

    Dan: [DAN walks over to REAGAN.] I’ve had just about enough outta you.

    An arm shoots through the wooden door and several heads come through the windows. It is clear that the only way to escape certain death is by leaving in a hurry out the back door.

    Reagan: Please! Look around you!

    Dan: [Sees the zombies crawling in through the windows.] I’ve changed my mind.

    DAN begins unlocking the door as quickly as possible. The cannibals continue to climb in through the windows and the door. REAGAN manages to blow them away with the shotgun before DAN grabs her hand and runs out the door with her. There are several more cannibals outside and REAGAN is quick to “get rid” of them. DAN unlocks the cop car and jumps in the driver’s seat. REAGAN gets in the back.

    Reagan: Phew! Did you see that? Ten more seconds and we would have been dead-meat. So where do we go now?

    Dan: I have no idea.

    Reagan: You know, in the zombie movies they always get a group going. At least four people, usually.

    Dan: This isn’t a game, Reagan. We have been thrown into something we could’ve never prepared for. Everyone we know is either dead or a zombie. My only friend has been murdered. I’m sure all of your friends and family members are dead. Everyone we’ve ever met is just gone. Not only that, but if we are bitten by one of those things, even if it is one of our closest friends, we’re going to die and turn into one of those things. One day, you’ll be faced with that same dilemma and you’ll find out. You’ll find out just how much of a game this is.

    Reagan: Well, I don’t think you have to worry about me, policeman Dan. I’ve always made it a rule to never get attached to anyone. If it came down to it, I don’t think I’d have any problem blowing one of those things away. But what about you, Danny boy? You couldn’t even kill that thing that was about to murder you. You would’ve happily let her kill you. That’s the difference between you and me. I know this isn’t a game. But what about you? Have you come to terms with that? [Car stops suddenly.]

    Dan: Get out.

    Reagan: What?

    Dan: Get out of the car. Now.

    Reagan: No. No, you’re not throwing me out there so I can get killed by those things.

    Dan: I am. Get out before I throw you out.

    Reagan: [Hesitant] Okay. But just know that when I turn into a zombie, you’re the first one I’m coming after. And I’m taking the damn shotgun, too. [Opens the door and gets out. She then walks up to the driver’s side window and gives DAN “the finger”.] Up yours! [DAN drives off] Shoot. What do I do now?

    Cut to: Scene Eight

    Morning – KATE and ROBERT – Living Room

    ROBERT is nailing two-by-fours over the doors and windows as KATE mirrors him. They have already covered up most of the windows, except a couple.

    Robert: I need more nails.

    Kate: There isn’t anymore.

    Robert: Well I guess our work’s done then. Now we just sit back and wait. [Lies down on the couch and closes his eyes.]

    Kate: Wait for what?

    Robert: Inevitable death.

    Kate: I wish you wouldn’t talk like that.

    Robert: Oh. Okay, what am I supposed to talk like? [Mocking KATE] Oh, maybe us and the double-dead can have a picnic and we can be BFFs!

    Kate: Stop it, Robert! You’re acting like a child.

    Robert: [Pause] A child. Okay, darling. Why don’t you go wait out the apocalypse with your little boyfriend from work. I bet he doesn’t act like a child. [KATE slaps him.]

    Kate: [Breathing heavily] You can go to hell, Robert Daily.

    Robert: [Yelling] We’re already in hell, if you haven’t noticed. [Bird slams through window and drops dead on the floor. Kate gives a short scream.] What the hell is that?

    [Sound of something heavy falling on the roof.]

    The couple walk towards the window and look outside, only to see that it is “raining” blackbirds. They are lying dead all over the road and the front yard, and they are still coming down.

    Kate: Oh my God. We are in hell.

    Cut to: Scene Nine

    Day – REAGAN – Country road

    Reagan is walking down the road with her shotgun in hand. She is walking slowly and singing the lyrics to “My Boy Builds Coffins”.

    Reagan: My boy builds coffins with hammers and nails. He doesn’t build ships, he has no use for sails. He doesn’t make tables, dresses or chairs. He can’t carve a whistle ‘cause he just doesn’t care. My boy builds coffins for the rich and the poor. Kings and queens – them all knocked on his door. Beggars and liars, gypsies and thieves; they all come to him ‘cause he’s so eager to please. My boy builds coffins, he makes them all day but it’s not just for work and it isn’t for play. He’s made one for himself, one for me too. One of these days he’ll make one…[We see something run across the road behind her. She turns around for a moment.] …for you. [She puts her rifle into shooting position.] Hello? Hey, is someone out there? Show yourself. I have a gun. [Bird drops in front of her] What the… [Looks up at the sky and then down again at the bird] Did it just…. [Looks up at the sky again and then exhales. She puts her gun back in her belt and begins walking down the road again.]

    While she is walking she hears the crunch of leaves behind her. She turns around and there is a large zombie standing directly behind her. It growls and she screams. She pistol-whips the zombie, but it isn’t injured. Instead, her gun flies into the gutter. She falls backwards and does somewhat of a crab walk as the massive zombie pursues her. It falls onto her and she tries to push it away with her arms. She’s not strong enough and its mouth gets closer and closer to her face. She tries to reach a massive rock as she pushes away the cannibal. She can’t reach it. REAGAN punches it in the face several times, until she can manage to roll the cannibal off of her. She then grabs the rock and bludgeons it to death. As she is doing this, blood splatters all over her face and clothes. When she looks behind her there are several more of the “double-dead” walking towards her; her expression is a look of pure terror. She gets up and sprints down the road as several more zombies come out of the woods towards her. She looks back several times, only to see that they are sprinting after her.

    Reagan: [Panting] Why are they moving so fast?

    REAGAN is running down the road without a gun and without help. She takes a turn and goes through the forest. She runs through rather quickly, looking back at every turn. Suddenly, she trips over a stump and twists her ankle. She cries in agony as she sits on the forest floor grabbing her leg. She can hear more of them coming. She gets up and limps through the forest. She soon comes to another road and sees the house where the DAILY’S are staying. She limps as fast as she can towards the house. She looks severely beaten and bloody. Her broken ankle doesn’t help her appearance; in fact, she looks more dead than the zombies do. She stumbles onto their front lawn. She falls down and crawls towards the window. She uses the bench to help herself up. She puts her bloody hands on the window and screams for help; we can see the zombies approaching the house.

    Reagan: [yelling] Help me! Help me! Let me in! They’re coming! Let me in! Please!

    The camera cuts to KATE and ROBERT, who are sleeping on the couch. They wake up suddenly to REAGAN’S screams. They see her bloody hands and face in the window and jump off the couch.

    Kate: Get the boards off the door!

    ROBERT uses a crowbar to pry off the boards on the door. When he opens it, REAGAN falls onto the white carpet and cries in fear.

    Reagan: That bastard! He left me out there to die. I’m going to kill him.

    Kate: You’re alright now. You’re safe. Who are you talking about?

    Reagan: [Yelling] Dan! That bastard cop. He made me get out of the car and walk. He’s  upset because I killed his little girlfriend.

    Robert: Why did you kill her?

    Reagan: She was one of those… things. She was a… she was one of the…

    Robert: She was one of the double dead?

    Reagan: The what?

    Robert: The double-dead. That’s what we call the… never mind. It’s just something I came up with on the way here. It’s… stupid.

    Kate: Let’s get you to the couch. [ROBERT and KATE help REAGAN to the couch and put her in a lying-down position.]

    Robert: Were you bitten?

    Reagan: No. I just twisted my ankle. I’m going to kill him.

    Kate: Listen. If he’s still out there, he’s probably dead already.

    Cut to: Scene Ten

    Day – DAN – Cop car on a country road

    Dan: Come on! No. Don’t do this to me. Come on, baby, don’t die on me. [The cop car comes to a screeching halt.] 

    In the rear-view mirror we see a large crowd of zombies coming up behind Dan. CU on the mirror. Across the bottom are the words “Objects in mirror are closer than they appear.” Dan sticks his head out the window hesitantly and sees that they are, in fact, close behind. He attempts to start the car several times. His attempts end in failure. DAN gets out of the car and fires a few shots at the crowd before running down the road with the blue bag. He is running towards the DAILY’S place. He shoots at a few walkers on the front lawn and runs up to the front door.

    Dan: Is anybody in there?

    Reagan: (INSIDE) Don’t open it.

    Robert: (INSIDE) Yeah, we’re here. [ROBERT walks up to the door and looks out the peep-hole]

    Dan: Let me in. I have weapons. [ROBERT lets him in.] Phew. That was a close one. My car died on me and… well, well, well. It’s little miss Trailer Trash. [Reagan sits up in the chair.]

    Reagan: You bastard. [She gets up and begins limping towards him.]

    Dan: Easy now, sister.

    Reagan: You snot-nosed, murderous bastard. [She slaps him.] You left me out there to die!

    Dan: [pause] And see, you didn’t. So things worked out fine. [Reagan attacks him and slams his face against the door.]

    Reagan: You are going to pay for what you did you [After he falls she kicks him in the face] ungrateful, inhumane, moronic bastard! [ROBERT restrains her by holding back her arms.] Let me go!

    Dan: (Holding his bleeding nose.) What the hell is wrong with you? I thought by now you would learn how to be compassionate.

    Reagan: Compassionate! Oh, compassionate to the guy who left me to be zombie-bait! To hell with that! You should learn a little thing called “not being a complete jerk”!

    Dan: [When DAN gets up he is badly bruised. He spits a tooth into his hand.] You’re stronger than I thought.

    Reagan: [ROBERT is still restraining her.] Yeah, remember that next time you decide to let me be brutally murdered by a pack of… what did you call them?

    Robert: The double-dead.

    Reagan: …Double-dead. Yeah. Okay, let me go. Let me go. I’m cool. [ROBERT lets go.] Don’t mess with me, policeman Dan, because next time, lover-boy over here won’t be able to restrain me.

    There is a long pause. REAGAN has her eyes fixed upon DAN, who looks at the DAILY’S with a look of uncertainty. KATE focuses on REAGAN.

    Robert: Okay. Now that we have that settled, who wants a gun?

    Cut to: Scene Eleven

    Night – ROBERT, KATE, DAN and REAGAN – Living Room

    REAGAN, who is sitting next to KATE on the couch, is giving the “evil eye” to DAN. ROBERT is looking out the window at the zombies wandering around the front yard.

    Robert: This is not good.

    Dan: They’re still coming?

    Robert: Yeah. They’re not gonna stop until they get some food.

    Dan: I say we throw the jailbird out there (laugh).

    Reagan: How ‘bout we throw you out there and let you run around screaming like a little girl? I think I’d enjoy that.

    Robert: Okay, so. Who has dibs on staying awake tonight and keeping guard?

    Kate: Not me. I’m so tired I can’t even think.

    Robert: Well, it sure as hell isn’t me. I’m dead tired.

    Dan: I’m not tired.

    Reagan: [Looking at DAN] In that case, it’s not going to be me. I’m not going to be around this jerk any longer than I have to.

    Dan: Quick question – where do you keep your instant coffee?

    Kate: [Looking at ROBERT] Coffee?

    Dan: Yeah, coffee. Where do you keep it?

    Kate: I don’t know. I’ve never been in the kitchen.

    Dan: Really? How long have you lived here?

    Kate: [pause] Since the other night when the apocalypse happened.

    Reagan: [pause] So, you’re telling us that this isn’t your house?

    Robert: Exactly.

    Reagan: Then why are you here? Why didn’t you stay in your own house and wait it out?

    Robert: [pause] It’s a long story.

    Reagan: Well, we have a lot of time to waste.

    Robert: Well, Kate and I were in town celebrating our second anniversary. We were at this fancy restaurant…


    Cut to: Scene Twelve

    Night – KATE and ROBERT – Fancy Restaurant

    ROBERT and KATE are sitting at a booth. ROBERT is digging into his steak. KATE hasn’t touched hers.

    Robert: [with a mouthful of food] What’s wrong? Why aren’t you eating?

    Kate: I’m just not hungry.

    Robert: It’s great. You really should try it. This is the flamekist stuff.

    Kate: I see that.

    Robert: Come on, it’s our anniversary. We’re supposed to be celebrating being married.

    Kate: I’m not feeling well.

    Robert: Are you sick? Is it the food?

    Kate: No. [Camera looks down at a plate full of gross salad and an undercooked steak] Well, kind of. But not really.

    We see JAY and LINDY across the room.

    Jay: You look beautiful tonight.

    Lindy: Well thank you.

    We move back to KATE and ROBERT.

    Robert: What’s wrong? Why are you looking at those people? Do you know them?

    Kate: That’s… um… that’s my boss, Jay Richardson.

    Robert: The one with the fat wife?

    Kate: [Looking down at her shoes] Yeah. Yeah, that’s him.

    Robert: Wow. You’d think a rich guy like that could get a better-looking woman.

    Upon hearing this, KATE runs out of the restaurant. ROBERT follows her after putting the money on the table. They both leave the restaurant. After about ten seconds, there is a scream. There is a sound of dishes being dropped. A woman runs out of the kitchen and falls right in front of ROBERT and KATE’S old table. A man is attacking her. LINDY attempts to run, but she is tackled. ROBERT and KATE have missed all this.

    Cut to: Scene Thirteen

    Night – ROBERT and KATE – Outside Restaurant

    Robert: Why are you acting so weird?

    Kate: Get in the car and we’ll talk.

    Robert: Why?

    Kate: Get in the car!

    Robert: Okay, okay. Fine. [They both get in the car.]

    Kate: [sigh] Robert, you know I love you and I would never do anything to hurt you, right?

    Robert: Kate, what is this all about?

    Kate: I’ve made a mistake.

    Robert: What are you talking about? What mistake?

    Kate: [starts crying] I slept with Richardson.

    Robert: What? Are you kidding me?

    Kate: No.

    Robert: I can’t believe this. I can’t freaking believe this.

    Kate: Can you just start the car?

    Robert: You told me you were working on a special project.

    Kate: I know. I lied.

    Robert: Why? Why would you do this to me?

    Kate: Can we please just wait until we get home?

    Robert: Sure. Sure, we can wait until we get home. I am just so glad you told me this on our anniversary.

    Kate: Robert, start the car!

    Robert: Fine! [ROBERT starts the car and backs up dangerously fast. Then he accelerates as he turns and drives down the road.]

    As the car leaves we see the wife of the man with the nosebleed running out of the restaurant, screaming and waving her arms trying to get ROBERT to stop the car. He doesn’t. Her husband comes out of the restaurant, puts his hand over her mouth, opens his mouth wide and bites into her neck.

    Cut to: Scene Fourteen

    Night – ROBERT, KATE, DAN and REAGAN – Living Room

    Robert: We never got home. There was some guy we met on the way here that told us about the outbreak. He warned us to keep from getting bit. He killed himself right there in front of us. When we saw all the dead bodies on the road we knew we just had to get to a safe place. We came here.

    Reagan: So she cheated on you with the old guy? Really? I don’t know. I can’t see it. From what I can tell, you’re pretty hot, dude. [KATE looks at REAGAN with hate in her eyes. REAGAN looks away as soon as she sees this.] Sorry.

    Dan: So when did this happen?

    Kate: We don’t know.

    Reagan: Do you have any idea how it happened?

    Kate: No. All we know is what the guy told us.

    Dan: And? What did he tell you?

    Robert: [pause] When they bite you, you turn into one of them. You have to shoot them in the head to kill them. What else? A lot of it was just crazy ranting.

    Kate: Our blood.

    Reagan: Whoa! What?

    Kate: He said, “It’s in our blood.”

    Dan: What’s in our blood?

    Reagan: Don’t you see? She’s telling us that every single one of us is sick; right? You’re saying that no matter what we do, we’re going to… turn into those things?

    Kate: I don’t know.

    Reagan: Oh, this is wonderful. We’ve got it in our blood now?

    Kate: I don’t know.

    Reagan: What else did he tell you?

    Kate: I don’t know.

    Reagan: He told you something else, too, didn’t he? What is it you’re not telling us?

    Kate: There’s nothing.

    Reagan: Tell us!

    Robert: Leave her alone! [Has a gun pointed at REAGAN]

    Reagan: [turns around] You think that scares me? I’ve been chased down by dead people, I’ve been choked out, and yeah, I’ve had a gun pointed at me before. So don’t be thinking you’re all Billy Bad-ass or something. You’re nothing but another person in the world who is just waiting to die. We all are. So point your little gun at me. I don’t care. [ROBERT puts his gun down] Now, if it’s okay, I’m going to bed. Night-night. [Walks upstairs]

    Dan: You guys can go to bed too. I have everything covered. [KATE passes him and goes upstairs.]

    Robert: Okay. If you see anything, just call for us. See you later. [Follows KATE upstairs, but stops when he gets to the second floor.] And don’t fall asleep.

    Dan: I’m not that much of an idiot.

    Robert: Okay. Just making sure. [Follows KATE into the bedroom. REAGAN is in a different room.]

    Cut to: Scene Fifteen

    Night – DAN – Living room

    DAN is asleep in his chair, snoring.

    Ashley: Daniel. Daniel? [DAN wakes up and looks around.]

    Dan: Shoot. I went to sleep. [yawn] I need some coffee. [Walks into the kitchen and looks through the cabinets for instant coffee. He finds some. He puts some in a mug and adds some hot tap water. He swirls it around in the cup, leans up against the counter and… lo and behold, there is Ashley, looking up at him from the cellar. DAN drops the coffee cup and it shatters.]

    Ashley: Why are you ignoring me, Dan?

    Dan: You’re not real. I’m just having a nightmare.

    Ashley: No, Dan. I’m real.

    Dan: You’re dead. Reagan killed you, remember? Back at the jail?

    Ashley: She killed a zombie, Dan. You know that.

    Dan: This is crazy! I know she killed you. You got bit, you turned, and she killed you.

    Ashley: Why are you treating me this way? Aren’t we friends anymore? When we were partners you said you would take a bullet for me. Were you lying?

    Dan: No! But that was then. You’re dead now. You’re not real.

    Ashley: If I wasn’t real, how could I be talking to you right now? Pinch yourself. You won’t wake up.

    Dan: What do you want from me?

    Ashley: I don’t want anything from you Dan. I just don’t know why you hate me now.

    Dan: I don’t hate you.

    Ashley: Then get me out of this cellar.

    Dan: I don’t know if I should.

    Ashley: Please, Dan. Being down here is like being dead. I can’t see anything, I can’t hear anything. It’s just darkness.

    Dan: Ashley, I…

    Ashley: I’ve always loved you Dan. I’m just sorry you don’t feel the same way.

    Dan: [Pause] I do love you. I always have. [He walks over to the cellar and touches her cheek] I always will.

    Ashley: Good. Now unlock the cellar, Daniel. I need to get out of here.

    Dan: Okay. [He looks around. Leaning up against the wall is an ax. He grabs it.] You might want to move away for just a moment. [He begins whacking at the chain. He finally breaks the chain.] Let me help you up. I thought I’d never see you again. [He opens up the cellar door and reaches down into the cellar. Something grabs his hand and pulls itself upwards. When it reveals itself it is not Ashley, but a growling, starving zombie with pale eyes. DAN screams as it hooks onto his arm with its teeth and claws.]

    REAGAN, ROBERT and KATE run into the kitchen and see DAN struggling with the zombie.

    Dan: It’s got my hand!

    ROBERT tries to pull DAN away from the cellar but the zombie is too strong.

    Robert: I can’t get him!

    Reagan: REAGAN grabs the ax.] I can. Be still!

    She raises the ax and lets the blade fall on the zombie’s head. When she pulls the ax back, the zombie falls into the darkness of the cellar and REAGAN slams the door shut with her foot.

    Reagan: Idiot.

    Dan: [grabbing his hand] Oh my God. That thing could have killed me.

    Reagan: It did. You were bitten.

    Dan: I know. I’m done, aren’t I?

    Reagan: Yeah.

    Robert: Now just hold on, there, Reagan. Why did you open the cellar?

    Dan: I saw Ashley. She told me she loved me.

    Reagan: What are you talking about? That thing?

    Dan: It was Ashley. She told me to get her out of the cellar.

    Reagan: Oh my God. Can you believe this?

    Kate: Who is Ashley?

    Reagan: His girlfriend. [She drops the ax.] You crazy bastard. There’s something really wrong with you. Anyway, I think we have bigger problems than old policeman Dan here. You remember the golden rule: where there’s smoke there’s fire. We know one zombie’s down there. What’s to keep us from thinking there’s dozens?

    Cut to: Scene Sixteen

    Day – KATE and ROBERT – Kitchen

    ROBERT is nailing down the cellar door in the kitchen. KATE is leaning up against the counter. She leans down and picks up the pieces of the coffee cup.

    Kate: It’s like he actually thought she was there.

    Robert: It almost got him killed.

    Kate: Robert… I was just wondering – if that happened to me would you miss me like that?

    Robert: [pause] I think I would.

    Kate: You think you would?

    Robert: I don’t know. I think so but I wouldn’t kill myself over it.

    Kate: [Starts crying] Robert, I’m sorry. It was all a huge mistake.

    Robert: [Runs over to her] Now listen to me, Katie, I don’t need you falling apart on me.

    Kate: You don’t love me anymore. And why would you? I’ve been a terrible wife, a terrible survival partner, a terrible cook…

    Robert: Listen to me! It doesn’t matter now. All that matters is you and me staying alive, you hear me? I love you. I always will. If you have to shoot me in the head one day, I will still love you. And you know why?

    Kate: No. I don’t know why.

    Robert: Because you’re my woman. We’ve got through the hard times. We’ve been chased by zombies. We’ve been lectured by a crazy, suicidal maniac. We’ve witnessed some crazy lady hyped up Pabst Blue Ribbon almost cutting off a cop’s hand. And through it all, we’ve never left each others side. We can handle this.

    Kate: [laugh] I’m your woman.

    Robert: Right. [They kiss romantically.]

    The camera goes down beneath the floor, into the cellar. There are several of the cannibals stumbling around. Two of them are adults, two are children. There is a squeaking sound above the cellar, indicating someone moving around in the kitchen. The zombies look upwards before moving to the ladder, climbing up and starting to push on the cellar door. The camera cuts to the cellar door being pushed up; ROBERT jumps on top of the door and has KATE get on, too. 

    Robert: Guys! Get in here! There’s more! [The cellar door is still bouncing up and down, despite the weight.]

    DAN and REAGAN run in and jump onto the cellar door. They help the others hold it down.

    Kate: We can’t hold it down!

    Reagan: Yes we can! Hold it!

    Robert: Hold it down!

    Cut to: Scene Seventeen

    Day – REAGAN, ROBERT, DAN and KATE – Kitchen

    They are still on top of the cellar door, holding it down. Suddenly, it stops. There is no noise. There is no movement.

    Kate: Whoa! What was that all about?

    Reagan: We’re going to have to take care of that sooner or later.

    Robert: How, Reagan? Do you want to go down there and risk being killed?

    Reagan: No. Not alone. I expect someone to come with me.

    Robert: [Walks away] Out of the question.

    Reagan: What? You’re not man enough?

    Dan: Uh, easy now, Reagan.

    Kate: You can’t talk about my husband that way you – you trash!

    Reagan: [Turns towards KATE] Trash?!? [Pushes her] Are you calling me trash, fat-ass?

    Kate: [Slaps REAGAN] Yeah, I am. [They point guns at each other. DAN points a gun at KATE and ROBERT points a gun at him.]

    Reagan: Call me that one more time and it’ll be the worst decision you ever made.

    We see ROBERT in the background with his gun pointed at REAGAN.

    Robert: Touch her and you’re dead.

    Dan: No one is going to kill anyone.

    Kate: You’re playing with the wrong people, Reagan.

    Dan: Everyone just put their guns down.

    Robert: I’d like to see you make me, sheriff.

    Reagan: Oh, this is classic. Kate, let’s say you fire one at me. You kill me. Dan and I may not get along, but he has a gun aimed right at your husband. You kill me, he kills him.

    Dan: What? No, I’m not killing anyone.

    Reagan: Yeah, you are. If she kills me, you have to kill him. We’re partners, remember.

    Dan: [Looks at REAGAN and turns his gun on her.] Partners?

    Reagan: Oh, come on, man! You’re really going to point your gun at me? Okay, I see. Three against one. That’s fair.

    Dan: You killed my partner. You could never be my “partner”. You’re lucky I let you live after you shot her.

    Reagan: She was a zombie. Come on guys!

    Kate: I wouldn’t put it past you to murder someone. Tell us, why were you in jail.

    Reagan: I didn’t stop at a red light. So sue me.

    Kate: Red light, eh?

    Reagan: Yeah. Do you have something you want to say? Just remember that I can still put a bullet in your head before you have a chance to answer.

    Robert: Ditto.

    Reagan: [laugh] I’d like to see you try.

    Robert: Risk it. It would make my day.

    Kate: Robert, shoot her. She can’t be trusted.

    Dan: Nobody needs to shoot anybody. We can work this out. On the count of three put your guns down. [He kneels down and puts his gun on the floor slowly.] Come on. One.

    Kate: [Still pointing her gun at REAGAN] Put it down.

    Reagan: Ladies first.

    Dan: Two. [His gun touches the floor]

    REAGAN, KATE and ROBERT put their guns down on the floor. Their eyes never leave each other.

    Dan: Good. [He stands up.] Now everybody needs to just calm down.

    Reagan: [Still crouching] You didn’t say three.

    Kate: What?

    Reagan: Say “three”, Dan. Go ahead. [loud] Say it!

    Kate: Say it, Dan.

    Dan: [pause] Three.

    There is an awkward pause. Nobody moves for several seconds. Then REAGAN stands up and laughs.

    Reagan: [laugh] You thought I was serious? Why would I want to shoot anybody?

    Kate: [laugh] Yeah… actually…

    Robert: So, you’re not going to try and kill us or anything, right?

    Reagan: Oh, sure. Don’t worry about it. You want to shake on it, Kate?

    Kate: [hesitates] Shake on it?

    Reagan: What? We’re cool. Come on. [Puts her hand out towards KATE.]

    Kate: Of course. [Puts her hand out towards REAGAN. They shake hands and release.]

    Robert, I’m going to go see what the double-dead are up to. We good?

    Reagan: [points at her and smiles] We good in the hood.

    KATE begins walking out of the kitchen, with her back turned to REAGAN. REAGAN has a sick grin on her face. In SLOW MOTION she reaches down and grabs her gun. ROBERT grabs his gun at the same time. KATE turns around. REAGAN fires a shot over KATE’S head; KATE ducks and it misses. ROBERT fires one at REAGAN; it hits her in the thigh. REAGAN falls to the ground in agony. She lands next to the cellar door. Suddenly, the door comes up and a cannibal sticks it’s head up. It grabs on to REAGAN’S legs and begins pulling her into the cellar. As time returns to normal, we see REAGAN sliding into the cellar. She begins screaming. The camera focuses on gun, which she tries to grab but cannot reach.

    Dan: Reagan! [KATE stops him from swooping down and pulling her out.]

    The cannibals pull REAGAN into the cellar. There is screaming. ROBERT and KATE are standing in the corner, frightened at the events that have just taken place. The camera sinks below the floor and we see seven of the double-dead in a circle around REAGAN and the zombie that dragged her into the cellar. REAGAN kicks the zombie off of her. They both stand up. The zombie gets into fighting pose, as does REAGAN.

    Reagan: Stay away from me. [It lunges towards her as she ducks.] Please, don’t eat me.

    Cut to: Scene Eighteen

    Day – ROBERT, DAN and KATE – Kitchen

    Kate: Hurry! Lock the door!

    Robert: [Locking the cellar door] They’re going to rip her to shreds.

    Kate: Good. Did you forget that she just tried to kill us?

    Robert: [Standing up] No. I didn’t forget. It just doesn’t seem humane.

    Kate: Humane? That woman is crazy. She deserves whatever happens to her down there.

    Cut to:

    REAGAN – Cellar

    The cannibals are surrounding her just as they did before. Some of them rip at her clothes. The big zombie just circles her. She imitates

    Reagan: [yelling] Kate! Robert! I’m sorry! Please get me out of here! Please! [The big zombie slaps her in the neck. There is a huge scratch mark.] They’re going to kill me! Please! Help me!

    She jumps backwards as the zombie lunges at her again. It rips into her shirt and leaves big scratch marks on her stomach. She looks around. She sees the other cannibals gawking at her, the dark shadows of the cellar – only lit by the light coming in through cracks in the cellar door – with nothing covering the walls but old tools; then she sees it… the machete. REAGAN stares at it for a few moments, trying to decide how she will reach it. She then turns her attention back to the big zombie. It looks more like a vampire than a zombie: it’s pale and skinny, but tall and stealthy. Dried blood covers its face. We can only see its face when the light from the cellar door shines on it. Otherwise, we can only see its shadow. The same with REAGAN – we can only see her when the light shines on her. Since the other cannibals are staying still, we can see a select few of them at all times.

    Cut to:

    Day – ROBERT, DAN and KATE – Kitchen

    ROBERT is standing in front of KATE, pleading.

    Robert: We can’t leave her down there. If we do, we’re no better than the cannibals.

    Kate: Fine. You get her out. Let her kill us. Trust me; the world will be better without psychopaths.

    Robert: [drops the hammer] Kate –

    Cut to:

    Cellar – REAGAN

    The zombies all look up at the ceiling. They apparently heard the hammer drop.

    Kate: Don’t “Kate” me. Let her die down there. I don’t give a rat’s ass.

    Reagan: [looking up] Let me die down here, eh? I’ll show you. [Looks at the machete. She runs towards the wall. The zombies chase after her. She grabs the machete, but the bigger zombie grabs her leg and flips her. She lands on the ground. It drags her. When it stops, it screams and the others imitate. While it is screaming, REAGAN chops off its hand with the machete. It stops and looks at its stub. She stands up. The big zombie growls at her. She swings the machete (slow motion) and chops off the zombie’s head. It flies, in slow motion, and lands in the dust. It bounces around before settling. A small pool of blood leaks out. As time returns to normal, the other zombies begin growling and hissing at REAGAN.] You want some?

    They charge at her all at once. She decapitates a few, shoves the machete in the stomach of another one (then in its head), slice and dices three others before getting bitten on the shoulder. She cries in agony before shoving the machete in its forehead. She wipes out the other ten in about a minute. As they lay dead around her, the big zombie’s head rolls around on the ground, hissing and growling. She walks over to it.

    Reagan: Bite me. [She raises the machete. Because of the camera angle, we have a worm’s-eye view. She lets the machete drop. We cut to the next scene before she “gets rid of the zombie” once and for all with the machete.]

    Cut to:

    Day – ROBERT and KATE – Kitchen

    ROBERT and KATE are still talking about REAGAN.

    Dan: We have to get her out before it’s too late. Please. Listen to me on this one.

    Kate: How are we going to get her out? Are you gonna go down there, fight all the zombies and conduct some type of heroic rescue or something? By the way, if she’s been down there this long, she’s either been eaten alive or she’s one of the zombies by now.

    There is a knock on the cellar door.

    Reagan: [from the cellar, in a weak voice] I’m still alive!

    ROBERT runs over, takes the key out of his pocket and takes the lock in hand.

    Kate: Robert, no!

    Robert: Shut up, Kate. [KATE stands in the corner looking defeated.]

    ROBERT unlocks the door and REAGAN comes scurrying out. She is completely bloody. In fact, she looks like Carrie after the scene where pig’s blood is spilled on her. She lays down in the middle of the kitchen, breathing heavy.

    Reagan: There were just so many of ‘em.

    Dan: Were you bit?

    Reagan: No.

    Kate: Are they all –

    Reagan: Dead? Yeah. Dead as doornails.

    Robert: So –

    Reagan: The cellar’s cleaned out. No longer a problem. But, I was wondering while I was down there, getting ogled by a bunch of blood-thirsty cannibals for the second time in the past couple of days, why is everybody trying to kill me? And I came to the conclusion – because everyone on this planet is an anal-retentive jerk, including the three of you. So then I thought, why is everyone an anal retentive jerk? Because everyone thinks I’m an anal-retentive jerk. I would therefore like to apologize for trying to murder you, but I would do it again to anyone who called me trailer trash. So, now that we have that settled, I’m going to pass out for a while, and while I’m out, the three of you can plan your next attempt at murdering me. Fare thee well, assholes, fare thee well. [exhale.]

    Cut to: Scene Nineteen

    Night – REAGAN – Bathroom

    REAGAN enters the bathroom. It a very clean room and everything is white. She takes her shoes off and throws them in the laundry basket. The camera stays on her feet while she undresses. As she walks over to the bathtub, drops of blood go all over the white tiles. We see her hand turning on the hot water. Water spits out of the faucet. She walks over to the mirror and wipes the grime off the upper half. In the mirror we see her face and her shoulders. She leans down and washes away the blood on her face and hands. Afterwords, she examines her shoulder. It is similar to the bite ASHLEY had.

    Reagan: I just had to get bit, didn’t I?

    She touches some of the blisters forming. They are very sensitive and she cringes when touching them. She opens up the medicine cabinet and looks at all the different pills and medications.

    Reagan: Let’s see – aspirin, menstruation pills, Listerine, ooh! Oxycontin. That figures. Umm, peroxide! That should work.

    She closes the door and we see her face in the mirror again. She opens the lid on the brown bottle and pours it over the wound. CU on the wound: it bubbles. REAGAN attempts to yell in agony, but shushes herself to prevent the others from hearing. When the peroxide stops bubbling, REAGAN removes her hand from her mouth and exhales in relief. We then see her feet stepping into the tub. When her feet get into the water, sections of the water turn blood red. We then see her in the tub, the water still going. She turns off the water and leans back. She puts her gun on the corner of the tub. By now, the water is completely red.

    Reagan: This feels nice. [She sighs and closes her eyes. There is a knock on the door; it is DAN.]

    Dan: [From outside] It’s me. Can I come in?

    Reagan: Uh… I’m not really decent right now.

    Dan: Um… If that means naked I don’t really mind.

    Reagan: Well, I don’t really want you to see me naked.

    Dan: I won’t look.

    Reagan: Fine. Come in.

    DAN comes in, eyes closed and sits on the cabinet in the middle of the two sinks.

    Dan: So you killed every last one of them single handedly.

    Reagan: Did you know that I did it with a machete?

    Dan: Really? No, did not know that.

    Reagan: Yep. It was pretty awesome.

    Dan: And you didn’t get bit? I can’t believe it.

    Reagan: [pause] Yeah. By the way, where were you when it was hitting the fan?

    Dan: Robert held me back. I tried to help. They wouldn’t let me. He’s… uh… a lot stronger than I am.

    Reagan: At least you weren’t fighting almost a dozen zombies with no more than a machete.

    Dan: [laugh] Well, I guess I’m lucky. I… uh… I really came in here to thank you.

    Reagan: For what?

    Dan: For saving my life twice. I was just being a… what did you call me again?

    Reagan: Anal retentive…

    Dan: Right. An anal retentive moron when I threw you out of the car.

    Reagan: I know. [pause] I need to know that we can trust each other. Because I can’t trust the Daily’s. They seem like nice people, but they’re out to get me. I can feel it.

    Dan: You pulled a gun on them. They were just trying to protect themselves.

    Reagan: [laugh] Yeah, well, I wish they hadn’t shot me in the thigh. That’s going to hurt for weeks. Then what happened to my stupid shoulder… I mean…

    Dan: What do you mean?

    Reagan: I mean nothing. Can you leave, please, I’m getting out of the tub.

    Dan: No, I want to know what you mean? What happened to your shoulder?

    Reagan: Just shut up and get out.

    Dan: Reagan, I feel like something is going on here. [Opens his eyes and looks at REAGAN’S shoulder. The camera focuses on the wound.] Oh my god. You were bit.

    Reagan: [Covers the wound with her hand] It’s not that bad. I even put peroxide on it to kill the germs. And what about your wound?

    Dan: Mine’s not that bad. But if you were bit, I need to know. The others need to know.

    Reagan: You don’t seem to understand. You people are the reason I got bit. You could have saved me, but you didn’t. If you tell them about the bite, that’ll just give them a reason to get rid of me.

    Dan: But if you turn…

    Reagan: If I turn then you can shoot me. But I’m not dead yet.

    Dan: Why was it different with Ashley, then?

    Reagan: Because I had nothing to do with what happened to Ashley. You could’ve saved her, too, but you didn’t. Oh, don’t look so defeated! You’re a coward. You’ve always been a coward.

    Dan: Shut up!

    Reagan: The only person you’ve ever looked out for is yourself. You’re no better than me.

    Dan: Please, don’t say another word.

    Reagan: Or what? You’ll tell everyone in this house about the bite? Tell them! Have them murder me in my sleep, because I don’t care anymore. I’m already as good as dead. I was dead as soon as the sun rose two mornings ago and hell decided to freeze over. [yelling] Tell them! I dare you! [DAN goes for his gun, but REAGAN grabs hers first.] Easy there, soldier. I’m better with a weapon than you are. I can have a bullet planted in your head before you even have the opportunity to grab your gun. So go ahead. Try me. See if I don’t murder you right here and now.

    Dan: Do you want to bet your life on it?

    Reagan: As a matter of fact, I do. [She puts her finger over the trigger.] The question is, do you feel lucky? [DAN walks out of the bathroom and slams the door behind him. She puts the gun down, leans back in the tub again and sighs.]

    Cut to: Scene Twenty

    Night – KATE, ROBERT and DAN – Living Room

    DAN is coming down the staircase quickly. He seems angry. KATE is looking out the window. ROBERT is loading the rifles.

    Dan: Mrs. Daily, we need to talk. [He walks into the kitchen.]

    Kate: [Looks at ROBERT with a confused look.] What could that be about? [ROBERT shrugs.]

    Dan: [From kitchen] Now, Kate! [KATE looks at ROBERT again and shrugs before walking into the kitchen.]

    Cut to:

    Night – DAN and KATE – Kitchen

    She walks into the kitchen with the same confused look.

    Dan: We need to talk about her.

    Kate: Who?

    Dan: Reagan.

    Kate: [That confused look turns into a serious look.] She can’t be trusted.

    Dan: She’s been bit.

    Kate: Are you serious? [DAN nods.] When?

    Dan: In the cellar.

    Kate: I’m not surprised. [She looks down at her feet.] I knew it all along and Robert didn’t believe me.

    Dan: I know what we need to do. We both know.

    Kate: [KATE nods.] We need to kill her.

    Dan: Exactly. [pause] I never knew how bad she was before now. We can’t let her turn. I’ve already made that mistake once. I won’t do it again.

    Kate: It won’t be easy though. She’s sharp as a tack. If we’re not careful she’ll kill us first.

    You know how she is.

    Dan: [Laugh.] There’s only one way to do it. [KATE turns around quickly.]

    Cut to: Scene Twenty-One

    Night – REAGAN – Bedroom

    The Florence and the Machine song “Blinding” plays in the background as we see REAGAN in the bedroom, sitting on the bed and loading her pistol. She has a serious expression on her face. We then cut to DAN and KATE loading their rifles. KATE places a pocket knife in her pocket. ROBERT is looking at a picture of him and KATE at their wedding. His thumb touches KATE’S face in the picture and puts a glaze of blood over her face. We then see a group of zombies limping down the road and moaning loudly. Afterwords, we see hands ripping through the dirt in a cemetery. After the music ends, we return to the bedroom. REAGAN is sitting at the edge of the bed. Suddenly, the door opens. ROBERT enters and REAGAN is quick to pull a gun on him.

    Robert: Whoa! It’s just me.

    Reagan: I don’t trust you. Get out.

    Robert: Please, we need to talk. I don’t have a gun. Dan and Kate are downstairs. They’ve been talking about you. [REAGAN puts the gun down.] They know you’ve been bitten. I suppose I’ve known it all along too. No one can face that many zombies without getting bit. [REAGAN nods.] They’re planning on killing you.

    Reagan: I know. That’s why I have my gun ready. I’m not going down easily. And if they kill me, I’m taking at least one of them with me.

    Robert: I won’t let them kill you.

    Reagan: Why not? I’ve been nothing but trouble for everyone. I wouldn’t blame you for wanting to off me.

    Robert: I want to. I know it’s the right thing to do. But I can’t.

    Reagan: Well, thanks for that anyway.

    Robert: You’re welcome. I tried to get you out of there. Dan did too. Kate wanted you gone from the get-go. She, uh, doesn’t like your personality I guess.

    Reagan: Oh. Well, I’m not too fond of her either.

    Robert: They’re going to try and sneak up on you. I don’t want anyone killed. So, just be careful for a while.

    Reagan: Don’t worry, my friend. I happen to have a plan of my own.

    Cut to: Scene Twenty-two

    Day – DAN and ROBERT – Living Room

    DAN, ROBERT and REAGAN are firing at the zombies from inside the house. The windows are open and they are aiming at them carefully. We see a few being hit and then falling. A few more require a couple of bullets. DAN soon reloads. REAGAN shoots far more zombies than either of the men.

    Dan: How you doing over there, Rea-rea?

    Reagan: It’s like swatting flies, Danny boy. [She reloads.]

    Robert: So what’s next after we get them cleared out?

    Dan: I found a couple cans of gas in the closet. I think we should fill up the cars. That way, we can get out if we need to.

    Reagan: Get out?

    Dan: Get out of Dodge, just in case the double dead take over and we have to leave.

    Reagan: Sounds like a plan to me. Then when they, uh, “take over” the house, where exactly do we go?

    Dan: That is for me to know and for you to find out.

    Reagan: [With a smug grin on her face.] What if you die, genius? Someone needs to know.

    Dan: [Stops shooting and looks at REAGAN with a stunned expression.] Well, I plan on staying alive for a while if you don’t mind. [Returns to shooting.]

    Reagan: So do I.

    KATE walks in and leans against the side of the doorway.

    Kate: We’re out of food. I’ve used up every bit of it.

    Robert: When we get a full tank of gas into the cars, we’ll go into town and pick up some supplies. Me and Reagan. [He winks at REAGAN. REAGAN looks at him with an expression that could only be described as saying “what a weirdo”.]

    Cut to: Scene Twenty-three

    Day – REAGAN and ROBERT – Outside

    The front yard has been cleared out. The sky is clear, but the yard is covered with dead zombies and birds. ROBERT is pouring the contents of the gas can into his old car.

    Robert: It’s nice to smell the fresh air, isn’t it.

    Reagan: What the hell was that?

    Robert: What the hell was what?

    Reagan: That! In there! Why are you being so weird towards me?

    Robert: Because, I want to keep you alive. [ROBERT empties the can and sets it on the ground next to the back tire. REAGAN grabs his collar and slams him up against the car.]

    Reagan: I want you to understand one thing, buddy: I can protect myself. And what you were doing in there was not protecting me. Your little wifey-wife in there wants me dead more than anyone. If she sees you pulling stunts like that again, she’s going to put a gun to my head and pull the trigger. So you can go goob on someone else. I don’t like you and I don’t like anyone here. Got it?

    Robert: Yes ma’am. [REAGAN lets go of his collar and turns her back to him.] I’m sorry.

    Reagan: Good. I’m glad you understand that now.

    We cut to the window. We see KATE looking out the window at REAGAN and ROBERT. We then see ROBERT patting REAGAN on the shoulder and then getting into the car. She pulls back the curtains angrily.

    Cut to:

    Day – ROBERT and REAGAN – Robert’s Car

    The camera focuses on a hand on the side of the road. It is “crawling” forward onto the road when we see ROBERT’S car speeding down the road. We then go to ROBERT and REAGAN inside the car. REAGAN has a shotgun in her lap and ROBERT is watching the road.

    Robert: What’s on the list?

    Reagan: [Raises up the list and reads it.] Uh, let’s see. Powdered milk, flour, baking powder, sugar, beans, rice, canned vegetables, pads – oh, well – I’m thinking we haven’t yet seen the worst of the mighty Kate.

    Robert: [laugh] Yeah. She does not like me whatsoever in the first place. I can only imagine what it’s going to be like when that happens.

    Reagan: Yeah, well, at least you have somebody. The only friend I’ve ever had was a dog named Philo. I left him with my neighbor when I found out I had to serve time in the slammer. I have no idea what’s happened to him. I’ve thought about him almost every minute. He might be starving. He might even be dead. I just wish I could’ve taken him with me somehow. It would’ve made things… better.

    Robert: [Looks at REAGAN in a shocked manner] Oh my God!

    Reagan: What?

    Robert: It was there just a second ago… I saw it! It was compassion!

    Reagan: Oh, shut up.

    Robert: No! It was there! It was just for a second but it was there. I haven’t seen that in you ever.

    Reagan: Yeah, well, don’t get your panties in a bunch over it. It’s a rare occurrence. It’s like an eclipse: it passes over me for just a few seconds and then you don’t see it again for a couple of years. And when you see it, it either makes you blind or it shocks the hell outta you. Hey! [There is a zombie in the road.] Two o’ clock. I got this one. [She rolls down the window and aims her shotgun at it. ROBERT does not bother to slow down. We cut to the sight of REAGAN leaning out of the window and aiming at the zombie. The zombie limps towards them and REAGAN shoots it directly in the head. It drops to the ground and ROBERT’S car is gone.]

    Cut to: Scene Twenty-four

    Day – ROBERT and REAGAN – Robert’s car in town

    They are now driving through town. It is an absolute scene of destruction. There are hundreds of zombies walking around and cars are flipped over. Store display windows are broken. There are dead bodies scattered across the road and the zombies are feeding off of them.

    Reagan: Oh God. I don’t think this is gonna turn out good at all.

    Robert: Don’t worry. They’re slow.

    Reagan: They’re slow, but there’s hundreds of them. I don’t want hundreds of double dead after me even if they’re moving at the speed of a turtle. I think we should turn back.

    Robert: Trust me on this.

    They pull into an empty Supermarket parking lot, pulling as close to the door as they can get. The two get out of the car, both of them toting shotguns. They walk into the store and we immediately hear the regular kind of Supermarket music. The alarm goes off as soon as they walk in.

    Reagan: Oh really? You’re really going to beep me? [She aims her rifle at the large magnetic

    sensor located on the right hand side of the door. She fires and the sound stops.] So that’s how you turn it off.

    Cut to:

    Day – REAGAN – Somewhere in the supermarket

    REAGAN is walking through the almost empty aisles trying to find supplies. She sees a single bag of chips down one aisle and leaves her cart behind in order to fetch it. When she picks up the bag she looks upwards towards the ceiling and speaks softly:

    Reagan: There is a God.

    She hesitantly opens the bag only to see it filled with cockroaches; REAGAN drops the bag which sends dozens of cockroaches spilling out across the floor, with only a few chips in their midst. She gives a short, loud scream that sends ROBERT running into view.

    Robert: What happened?

    Reagan: Nothing. Now please, leave me be.

    Cut to:

    Day – ROBERT – Somewhere in the supermarket

    ROBERT’S cart has been filled up about a third of the way. He sweeps all of the remaining canned goods, which are few and far between, into his cart. He is stopped when he sees someone (which appears as a shadow to us) moving from aisle to aisle. He readies his rifle.

    Robert: Reagan? Is that you?

    Reagan: [From a distant aisle] What?

    Robert: Are you on [twists his head a bit in order to see the aisle number] aisle thirteen?

    Reagan: Nope. Feminine care aisle – number twenty-two.

    Robert: Alright. Stay where you are and don’t move.

    ROBERT leans up against the end-cap between aisles thirteen and fourteen. He stays there until he gathers his courage and moves swiftly in front of aisle fourteen. There is no one in the aisle. There is a noise of cans falling a couple of aisles down. He rushes towards the noise, where he sees a zombie feasting upon a can of Alpo dog food. It drops the can when it sees ROBERT, who is aiming straight at him. It decides to approach him.

    Robert: That’s right. Come on you little bastard. Let’s dance.

    ROBERT is tackled just before he pulls the trigger. The bullet misses. On top of him is a female zombie trying to bite his neck – which she succeeds in. He grabs his gun and manages to get her off, but he is dumbfounded when he sees five of the beasts gathered around him. He gets rid of four before running out of bullets. He then yells for REAGAN.

    Cut to:

    Day – REAGAN – Feminine Care Aisle

    She already has her rifle ready when she hears the call for help. Her cart is abandoned as she races down the aisle to rescue an already bitten ROBERT. She cannot find him and therefore calls out his name.

    Robert: Aisle seventeen!

    She once again takes off, knocking out a zombie standing directly behind her.

    Cut to:

    Day – ROBERT – Aisle Seventeen

    ROBERT is in the pet food aisle, fighting with the remaining zombie. ROBERT takes in hand a bag of kitty litter and slams it into the side of the zombie. The zombie slams against the shelf, but is otherwise undeterred. Cat litter spreads across the aisle. Behind ROBERT is another zombie, approaching him with hunger in its expression. The zombie attempts to get up, but fails. ROBERT swings his rifle around and hits the other double-dead directly across the face, sending its head flying. The butt of his gun is shoved into the fallen monster’s face, sending its head caving inward. REAGAN appears at the end of the aisle.

    Reagan: You rang?

    Robert: A little help would’ve been nice.

    Reagan: Well, I was clear across the store and – that doesn’t matter right now. What matters is getting you home. [She helps him walk until we cut out.]

    Cut to: Scene Twenty-five

    Day – DAN and KATE – Living Room

    KATE is sitting on the couch with a scowl on her face. DAN walks up behind her and sees that she is sitting with her arms folded over one another and is just staring at the door.

    Dan: You okay, Kate?

    Kate: I’m going to wait until they get home and then I’m going to kill her.

    Dan: I thought we needed to sneak up on her.

    Kate: I don’t want to wait. I want her dead.

    Dan: Now, I know why we need to kill her, but I have a feeling you’re thinking about something other than the bite.

    Kate: First she tried to take over the group. Then she takes my husband from me. She needs to be stopped.

    Dan: What are you talking about?

    Kate: I saw the way he looked at her. It’s the same way he used to look at me before… I just want her gone. She’s taken from the both of us now. She killed Ashley and now she’s going to take my husband from me. I can’t have that.

    Dan: You think she has designs on your husband?

    Kate: Yes.

    Dan: [Laughs quietly] I don’t know if you’ve noticed or not, but Reagan isn’t interested in anything but her own well-being. Trust me. But we just need to focus on the most important thing right now. Reagan’s been bit. If she isn’t killed by tomorrow, chances are we’ll be face to face with a double dead. When that happens, we’re all in danger. We can’t let jealousy get in the way of what we need to do. Jealousy makes people careless. If you let her have an advantage over you in any way, she’ll kill you.

    Kate: [The scowl grows more profuse.] I’d like to see her try.

    Cut to: Scene Twenty-six

    Day – REAGAN and ROBERT – Parking Lot

    REAGAN helps ROBERT into the car before returning to the grocery cart and transferring the canned goods and bags to the trunk. The zombies do not deter her too badly; however, she does knock one off balance when she pushes the empty cart into it like a bowling ball against a pin. When she gets back into the car, we see ROBERT fading quickly. With his hand over the wound, he breathes heavily.

    REAGAN buckles her seat-belt before speaking.

    Reagan: Come on, you gotta stay awake.

    Robert: I’m bad off, Reagan. I’m bad off.

    Reagan: I’ve seen worse bites. Mine’s even worse than that and I’m fine. Come on. Just try to think about something else besides the bite.

    Robert: If I don’t make it…

    Reagan: Don’t talk like that.

    Robert: I know. But just in case I don’t make it, I want you to tell Kate that I love her and that I always will. And also that I forgive her.

    Reagan: [She stares at him for a moment before putting the keys in the ignition and starting the car.] You can tell her yourself.

    We then switch to a bird’s eye view of the parking lot. ROBERT’S car exits the parking lot with two zombies hanging onto the roof. REAGAN swerves and they are both flung to the side. She drives increasingly faster as she gets down the road, where hundreds of the double dead await.

    Cut to: Scene Twenty-seven

    Day – DAN and KATE – Living Room

    KATE is now pacing the floor. DAN is standing behind the couch listening to her ongoing rant.

    Kate: We need to get her isolated – away from her weapon and out of her element. I think we can convince her to go out into the woods somehow. Then we can shoot her. No one will hear and no one will know. We can just say that she wandered off and got eaten by the double dead.

    Dan: Kind of like if a tree falls in the woods and no one is there to see it…

    Kate: Exactly.

    REAGAN, who appears to be in a state of shock, runs in and startles the two plotters.

    Reagan: Kate – it’s Robert.

    Cut to: Scene Twenty-Eight

    Day – REAGAN, DAN, KATE and ROBERT – Front Yard

    ROBERT is in the car when we see KATE run out. She opens the door and helps him get out, but he falls to the ground just as quickly. KATE kneels down in front of him. ROBERT is weak and bleeding from the nose. KATE begins crying.

    Kate: What did she do to you?

    Robert: Kate – [He reaches towards her face and touches her cheek] I’m sorry.

    Kate: No.

    Robert: I’m sorry I acted so cruel towards you. I didn’t know everything was going to turn out like this.

    Kate: Robert, please. You’re going to be okay.

    Robert: No. Katie, I’m dying. I just need you to know that I love you –

    Kate: Please –

    Robert: and that I forgive you. I’ve always loved you, even from that first moment I saw you. Everything was normal then. We weren’t thinking about how we were going to avoid getting bitten by zombies. We weren’t even thinking about our futures. It was all about being happy. And we were – for a while, right?

    Kate: Right.

    Robert: We were going to have everything. We were going to live in a big house and have three kids. Remember? [KATE nods.] What happened to all that?

    Kate: We were always too busy. We never even had the time to move and get a big house. Everything we wanted just got put at the bottom of the to-do list.

    Robert: Why didn’t we think about it more? We could have had so much. It all just – is gone.

    We cut to DAN and REAGAN, who are standing side by side by the front steps.

    Dan: How did it happen?

    Reagan: We got separated. He went one way and I went another. When I heard the yelling I should have come as quickly as possible. I didn’t think he’d get bit. All of it was just as much my fault as the double dead’s.

    Dan: I think, in a way, she knew this was going to happen. I should’ve gone instead. If I would’ve, we wouldn’t have lost him.

    We come back to ROBERT and KATE

    Kate: Don’t talk like that. We still have time. You’re going to be okay.

    Robert: I’m sinking, Kate. I’m sinking real deep.

    Kate: Robert, all of those things that I’ve said and done, I should’ve never, ever done those things to you. I’ve regretted since we got here.

    Robert: I understand. I don’t want you to feel guilt anymore. I want you to know that I will always love you. Just do me one favor.

    Kate: Anything.

    Robert: Think about me.

    They kiss. After a few short seconds, his hand falls to the side and ROBERT is dead. KATE stands there, weeping, as DAN and REAGAN just stare.

    Reagan: I’ve done this. This is all my fault. I killed him.

    Dan: No, Reagan.

    Reagan: It’s true. I’ve killed someone. I let him get bit and now he’s dead because of my mistake. [She leaves DAN’S side and goes into the house with her head ducked.]

    DAN looks back at KATE, who is still holding her husband and crying.

    Dan: Kate – it’s over.

    Kate: It can’t be. He can’t be dead.

    Dan: He needs to be shot, Kate. Please. Go inside and I’ll handle it.

    Kate: Please. Come back to me. I don’t care how, just come back.

    Dan: [Comes up behind her and puts his hand on her shoulder] You don’t want it that way, Kate. Let him go and go inside. It’s over.

    Kate: You don’t know what you’re talking about! He has to come back. He has to.

    CU on ROBERT’S finger, which begins to twitch. As KATE’S haunting cries linger in the foreground, we see ROBERT’S bloodshot eyes open. KATE holds him down as he begins to try and lift himself off the ground.

    Kate: It’s me, Robert! It’s your wife, Kate. Please. I know you’re somewhere in there, just say something.

    Dan: [Prepares his rifle] Kate – get his head up so I can get a clear shot.

    Kate: Don’t you dare pull that trigger. He’ll be okay. Just let me talk with him. We’ve never even tried that! We’ve never tried reasoning with them. Maybe if I talk with him long enough, he’ll begin to understand again. Then he won’t be dead anymore.

    We see REAGAN’S boots come into view. CU on KATE’S face.

    Kate: [Almost a whisper.] He won’t be dead anymore. [There is a gunshot. KATE’S face is splattered in blood. Her melancholy expression turns into pure shock, and then anger. She throws ROBERT to the side and sees REAGAN with the smoking gun.

    KATE’S lips quiver before she screams.] You… I’ll…. I’ll kill you!

    KATE jumps at REAGAN, knocks her down and begins choking her. She stops, and instead begins punching her repeatedly.

    Dan: Kate! Stop! You’re going to kill her!

    Kate: She killed my husband! He didn’t do anything wrong and she killed him. She deserves this!

    DAN pulls KATE away from REAGAN, who is bruised and bloody. When REAGAN sits up, she looks directly at KATE.

    Reagan: What is wrong with you, you psycho?

    Kate: [Still being restrained] You’re going to die! I’m going to kill you for what you did to him! I’ll kill you.

    DAN lets go of her. She stands back and fixes her clothes.

    Dan: Look at yourselves! Look what you have turned into! You’ve turned into animals. Have we lost all of our humanity?

    Kate: She killed my husband.

    Dan: She didn’t do anything to anyone.

    Kate: You should talk. You want her dead just as much as I do. She took Ashley away from you and now she’s taken away my husband. She hasn’t lost anything! She needs to lose something. She needs to know what it feels like to have your heart ripped out of your chest.

    Dan: No! Let’s just think about this. Reagan took from us the people we loved. She’s even attempted to kill us a few times. But think about it: she’s saved our lives more than a couple times. Robert’s death wasn’t her fault; nor was Ashley’s. As much as I hate to admit it, we’re the ones who let her go down into that cellar. If she hadn’t, we’d be overrun with double-dead by now. We have sacrificed her time after time. Now look what we’ve done to her! She’s been bitten, she’s been shot and now she’s nearly been beaten to death. Does she deserve to die after all that? [There is an awkward silence.] That’s what I thought.

    Cut to: Scene Twenty-nine

    Night – REAGAN and DAN – Kitchen

    They are eating something at the kitchen table. REAGAN is cleaned up, but one of her eyes has been blackened and cut. She can’t open it, so she keeps it shut. Her lips is cut as well. The rest of her face is merely swollen. REAGAN looks back at the cellar door every once in a while, as if she is worried that something is going to jump out and grab her. She looks up at DAN.

    Reagan: I know this is a weird question to ask, but… why is it that you never turned?

    Dan: I don’t know. I’ve asked myself that question many times. You never turned either.

    Reagan: Yeah, but I haven’t been this way for very long. You’ve had the poison in your veins a little longer than I have. Who knows? Maybe we won’t turn. Maybe we’re the cure.

    [She smiles. DAN doesn’t say anything.] It was really awesome of you to keep Kate from smashing my brains in out there. She would’ve. I can’t really say I blame her, though.

    Dan: She beat you up pretty good, though.

    Reagan: I’ll say! I feel like I’ve been hit by a truck.

    Dan: You’re permanently winking.

    Reagan: [She laughs loudly and obnoxiously. We see where she is missing several teeth; she puts her hand over her mouth.] Sorry. That had to be pretty scary. I look like a permanently winking homeless person. [She talks in what can only be described as a forced, hoarse yell.] Hey, I’m crazy John! Care to spare a quarter so I can feed my thirty-two stray cats? [They both laugh, for they both look terribly beaten and battered.] Anyway. I’m glad you didn’t kill me, because if I had been in your position, I would’ve. Kate’s right about how I haven’t lost anything. Maybe I need to know what it feels like. That’s what I keep saying to myself. I need to take a loss.

    Dan: [pause] Well, [slams the napkin down beside his plate] I’m going to bed. See ya.

    Reagan: Yeah, see ya.

    DAN walks into the living room and sees KATE sleeping on the couch. He smiles before turning out the light and walking upstairs.

    Cut to:

    Night – Outside

    There are hundreds of zombies outside. They are limping towards the house. Most of them are mere skeletons. They stare upwards and yell monotonous groans at the full moon that rests above the house.

    Cut to: Scene Thirty

    Night – REAGAN – Bathroom

    REAGAN is in the bathroom looking in the mirror. Her eyes are bloodshot. She leans in towards the mirror and pulls down her lower eye-lid. She then leans down out of sight and washes her face. When she comes back into view, her face is pale and has deep gashes all over it. She yells in horror. The camera pans around and we see that she does not look like her reflection. She closes her eyes; when she opens them she sees that her reflection is back to normal. She sighs and laughs in relief.

    Reagan: Thank God. I thought I was going crazy there for a minute.

    Her REFLECTION comes out of the mirror and grabs her shoulders.

    Reflection: You are, Reagan. Do you think you can be drug into a cellar by a bunch of zombies and come out in one piece?

    Reagan: No.

    Reflection: That bite on your shoulder’s getting worse. You know it, don’t you?

    Reagan: I don’t know anything anymore.

    Reflection: [Mockingly] Oh! Boo-hoo. I don’t know anything anymore. Boo-hoo. Give me my body back! Give me my body back! Bla, bla, bla. Well, guess what, sister! You belong to us now. [Loud] You’re ours!

    Voice Over: You’re ours! You’re ours! You belong to us! You’re one of us!

    Reagan: No!

    Reflection: Yes!

    Voice Over: Yes! You belong to us! You’re one of us!

    Reagan: You don’t know what you’re talking about!

    Reflection: See, I really don’t think you know what you are talking about. You try to act like you’re such a strong person. You’re not! You’re an idiot! [Yelling] So give up and join us!

    Reagan: [Yelling] Never! [She shoves her fist through the mirror. It breaks. The pieces that collect on the counter all contain little REAGANS. They all shout:]

    Reflections: [In a squeaky voice] Join us! Join us!

    REAGAN looks down at her hand, which is now beaten and bloody. It begins moving on its own.

    REAGAN has a shocked expression on her face.

    Reagan: Give me my body back!

    Reflections: [Yelling in a squeaky voice] Never! [laughs]

    Her hand grabs her by the throat and begins pushing her around the bathroom. It pushes her against the wall. She tries to fight back, but fails. The bathtub is now full of blood. Her hand “pulls” her over to the bathtub and thrusts her head into the liquid. The faucet turns itself off on its own. She struggles for nearly a minute as the cabinet door slams open and closed by itself. The reflections laugh and applaud.

    Reflections: Join us! Join us!

    REAGAN stops moving for about five seconds. Suddenly, her hand comes out of the water and grabs her hair. She lifts herself out of the water before looking directly at the camera, with a pale face and bloodshot eyes, and gives us a sinister smile.

    Cut to:

    Night – Living Room

    KATE is sleeping on the couch in the living room. We see REAGAN in the background, walking. She looks directly at the couch, but apparently doesn’t see KATE. Cut to: In the kitchen, REAGAN opens the back door. She then looks up towards the stairs Cut to: DAN sleeping upstairs. The door is open, so we can see REAGAN’S shadow. The zombie creeps into the bedroom. The door creaks, causing DAN to move restlessly, but he doesn’t wake up. REAGAN closes the door behind her as quietly as possible. REAGAN walks over and takes the bullets out of his rifle, which is leaning up against the end table. She puts them in her pocket and leans the gun back up against the end table. She then touches his face. He moves around a bit, but doesn’t wake up until, downstairs, there is a gunshot. DAN jumps up and sees REAGAN – and she sees him. He grabs his gun and crawls out of bed.

    Dan: We knew it was going to happen sooner or later. So did you. [She growls at him. There is another gunshot.] There’s only one way to fix you now… [He aims the rifle at her and pulls the trigger. Of course, nothing happens. He tries again only to reach the same result. REAGAN begins walking towards him. He opens the door and backs out. She follows him, limping and growling. DAN walks out the doorway. However, when REAGAN reaches the doorway, KATE shoots her in the head. REAGAN falls to the ground.] What’s going on downstairs?

    Kate: You really don’t wanna know.

    Cut to:

    Night – Downstairs

    The zombies are in the living room knocking over the furniture and sniffing the air. When we see the kitchen there are double-deads coming in through the door with their multiple wounds, torn clothing and/or shredded limbs. There is one in front of the staircase when KATE comes down, puts the sawed off rifle up to its forehead and shoots it. DAN is right behind her.

    Kate: Get to the car and bring it as close to the front door as you can. [She hands him the gun] And take this.

    Dan: What are you going to use to protect yourself? 

    Kate: I’ll be fine. Just go.

    DAN walks out of the door trying to avoid the double-deads on his way out. KATE goes to the closet and pulls out two of the gas cans. We cut to DAN for just a moment. He sees hundreds of the double dead down the road. When we come back to KATE she is dowsing the floors, walls and zombies with the gasoline. She runs through the house and is sure to get most of the first floor. Afterwords she gets to the entrance where DAN is waiting. She fires at one of the zombies. It lights itself on fire before falling to the ground and setting the rest of the house aflame. She jumps into the car.

    Kate: Drive.

    DAN drives off as quickly as possible, leaving the house behind to burn. Flames come out of the windows and door in the first floor before we see the windows being knocked out on the second floor. Inside are the zombies, struggling to get rid of the flame. They fall to the ground and roll from side to side trying to stop the burning. Meanwhile, in the police car, KATE is looking back at the house in the rear view mirror. The house soon collapses.

    Kate: Do you think it’ll ever end.

    Dan: You mean the disease?

    Kate: Yes. We have nowhere to go. We don’t even have a safe house anymore.

    Dan: It will never end. Too many people are infected. Even us. One day we’ll turn, for no reason at all. There’ll be no way to control it. We drive until we find someplace else to hide until… until it happens. [DAN takes his eyes off the road and looks directly at KATE] Just like Ashley, Robert and now, Reagan. We are the double dead. We are the zombies. We just don’t know it yet.

    Kate: [Yelling] Dan, look out!

    DAN’S eyes grow wide as the car in front of him swerves to avoid collision. We FADE OUT just before they collide.

    the END…?

    Copyright © 2012 by Samantha R. Selman